_name project: TEMPTATION

_year: 2022

All humans are liable to error; And most humans are, in many points, by passion or interest, under temptation to it.

It’s not wrong to say that humans made mistakes and always will made errors. Passions, interests, curiosity, sometimes lead us to have temptations. Temptations that can be ethically wrong. We’re all prone to mistakes in life, but sometimes we are the ones who choose to make mistakes. Temptation is like a faithful life partner, it lives by your side, grows with you and patiently waits for your decision. The golden apple, symbol of the Original sin, is full of thorns, as many as human’s errors, infinite. The two hands, deliberately white with cracks inside, represent the fragility of the human being. The choice is up to me, up to you, up to us.