_name project: EXISTENCE

_year: 2023

Human existence, a never-ending war. A constant fight for what we’re living for. We are made of scars, trauma and pain. Sometimes it is difficult to see reality, and improve ourselves. We need a light on the way.

Living is difficult, living is not existing, living is taking charge of your emotional and mental «I». Living involves a fight with yourself, with your thoughts, your fears and your goals. It is not always easy and simple, there will always be falls and we will always have to get up. Living is that, a challenge to life, and sometimes we lose. We don’t understand and we keep making mistakes until we learn. Sometimes our brain plays against us and we become small in an infinite loop. We can get out of that, we follow the light, it may be the light that most identifies you, love, faith, spirituality. There is always a light that saves us.